First of all, click New Item+

This is the new product or service page

Here you can add your products and services Name, Unit of Quantity, Sales Price, TAX, Notes and assign up to three categories.

If you turn on inventory management, you can add Par level, Opening Inventory, and Purchase price 

First, you need to select you are selling or/and buying this item. The default option is Sell.

The Sell items will appear in the Invoices and Quotes, and the Buy items will appear in the Expenses.

You can select a Unit of Quantity, and if you do not find the best for you, you can make any custom quantity by licking the "+" button

Just add a name, then click Save

You can select our default taxes, but if you don't find yours, don't worry because you can add your own TAX by clicking the "+" button

Just add a name and a rate, then click Save

If you want to manage your inventory for this product/service, turn on Inventory management

Select your existing categories and add them to your new product/service

If you want to make a new one, just click the "+" button

Just write a category name, select a color then click Save

If you are done, just click Save, and your new product/service is ready to be on your next Invoice